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2023 Updates

First of all, finishing The Storm has been my longest (both in actual words and time spent) writing project, so I just wanted to reiterate how excited I am for it to be done.

Speaking of reiterating… (see what I did there?), I wanted to touch on what’s going on with that, since clearly it’s 2023 and Reiterate is nowhere to be seen. The truth is, I did finish writing and editing Reiterate, but something about it felt off no matter how many times I edited and re-edited, so I decided not to publish it. To be quite honest, there are some things I wish I could change about Iterate as well, but that’s all in the past now.

Anyway, I’m currently working on yet another new story, but this one is far from finished. Right now the working title is Valkyrie, and I feel like it’s shaping up to be something I’ll end up publishing, but we’ll see. Again, far from finished and hard to say at this point, but this is my first attempt at writing actual set-in-space science fiction, so we’ll see how it pans out!

So, about the delay…

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry

I had several ideas for Reiterate when I started writing it in 2018. Some of them panned out, and some didn’t. This is the first sequel I’ve actually penned to completion, and there were a lot more challenges than I anticipated. It is wildly difficult to try to keep a story like Iterate straight because it contains so many world-building details. I had to rewrite a lot of sections of Reiterate several times, and I had to reread Iterate a couple times, all while taking notes and making edits to the sequel. Every rewrite requires editing, and it all just compounded into much more work than I thought it would be.

The gist of what I am saying is that Reiterate is nearly done, and I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but that’s still where it stands. I underestimated the process of writing a sequel, and that’s all there is to it.

Reiterate Release Delayed (Again)

I usually try to set expectations pretty realistically, but I have done a bad job of that here with my last couple of updates. I just finished the second major round of editing on Reiterate, and there is still something bugging me about an arc in the middle that I need to fix.

My last update mentioned May 2019, but the reality of that happening seems unlikely at this point. For now, let’s just say “coming soon.”

Rough draft of Reiterate is done!

I know I said a few updates ago that Reiterate might be done in Q4 2018.  Well, Q4 2018 is almost over, and I just finished the rough draft.  Part of the holdup was that Reiterate ended up being longer than I was expecting.  The other delay wasn’t really a delay as much as it was a poor estimate of when I’d be done.  I’ve still got tons of editing to do, so if I had to take another (very likely wildly inaccurate) guess of when Reiterate will be available, I’d say May 2019.

Iterate nearing completion

My novel, Iterate, is nearing completion, now having gone through two rounds of editing and my beta reader (many thanks to my wife).  After one more round of final edits, I will be publishing to Amazon, so be on the lookout for that update!