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Novel – Iterate

Iterate is my fourth novel, written and edited in 2017/2018 and released in February 2018.  When people ask me for a quick synopsis, I usually say something along the lines of, “It’s a young adult sci-fi novel about two teenagers stuck in a time loop,” but the back cover blurb below will hopefully give you a better introduction.

If you are interested in reading Iterate, it is available on Amazon (Kindle or paperback) or Smashwords (eBook).  I truly appreciate reviews on either of those markets, as well as on Goodreads.  Also, I usually provide free eBook copies in exchange for honest reviews on those platforms, so if you know me, just ask.

Iterate’s sequel, Reiterate, is indefinitely delayed.

The cover of my novel, Iterate

How many times would you have to relive the same day before your life became only about that day? How long would it take for your memories before that day to become too fuzzy to recall details? How long would it take for you to break down under the monotony of not being able to escape?

Brendon and Hayley don’t have to imagine this situation – they live it. For longer than their natural lives, they’ve been stuck in a repeat of August 28, 2018, and they have no idea how to stop it. Every morning they wake up to a reset world where no one remembers what is happening, and everything happens the exact same way.

That is, until one iteration, something changes…